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For any given triplet the probability is V2 times V2 times V2 , or Vs, so all triplets are equally likely to show. ” “Precisely,” replied the Devil, smiling. ” “Sounds like a hell of a good proposition,” said the man from Omaha. Whom does the bet favor, the man or the Devil? Does it make any difference which triplet the man picks each time? 45 27 LUCIFER AT LAS VEGAS PUZZLE OFF WE’RE GOING TO SHUTTLE You live in Mars, Pennsylvania, but you work at a cheese factory on the moon. Each Monday morning you helicop to Pittsburgh where you take an ion-powered shuttle ship to the moon, then you return to earth on the following Friday.

His human lawyer, who was not very skillful, lost the case. m . on one of the six days of 33 THE ERASING OF PHILBERT THE FCJDGER PUZZLE 2 0 next week, starting with Monday. You’ll be informed of the day at 1 0 a . m . ” “No. The date has not yet been determined. I can assure you, however, that it will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday of next week. ” It was the last sentencing of the day, so the judge pressed a button under his left armpit to turn himself off until the court opened the next morning.

Digits without signs between them form larger numbers. For example: 123 - 45 - 67 + 89 = 100. This is the only way, said Rendrag, to obtain a sum of 100 with as few as three signs. Your task is to use as many plus or minus signs as you like to make the sum 556. There is only one solution. 4. Using just three plus or minus signs make the sum 56. This also has just one answer. 5. Form an expression for 56 using the digit 4 no more than three times, plus any of the following symbols: x , +, ! (the factorial sign), the radical sign, the decimal point, and parentheses.

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