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By Jae Choe, Dan Perlman, Jane Goodall

In the good naturalist culture of E. O. Wilson, Jae Choe takes readers right into a miniature international ruled by means of six-legged organisms. this is often the realm of the ant, an insect that people, in addition to such a lot different existence varieties, rely on for his or her very survival.

Easily probably the most vital animals on the earth, ants appear to reflect the activities, feelings, and industries of the human inhabitants, usually extra successfully than people do themselves. They built ranching and farming lengthy prior to people, and their department of work resembles the meeting traces of vehicle factories and multinational agencies. Self-sacrifice and a finely tuned chemical language are the rules in their monarchical society, that is able to waging large-scale struggle and taking slaves. stories in their massacres and atrocities, in addition to struggles for energy, are all too equivalent to our personal. the truth of ant society is extra interesting than even the main artistic minds may well think. Choe combines professional medical wisdom with a true ardour for those miniscule marvels. His vibrant descriptions are paired with pleasing illustrations and pictures to introduce readers to the economics, tradition, and intrigue of the ant international. All of nature is printed in the course of the mystery lives of the fantastic ants. within the phrases of the writer, "Once you get to understand them, you’ll love them."

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If you visit the tropical rainforests of Latin America, you can see long parades of leaf-cutter ants carrying in their jaws leaves that are often larger than their entire bodies. These leaf-cutter parades, stretching sometimes over up to several hundred meters, are magnificent spectacles to behold. I will never forget the feeling I had in 1984 when I saw a leaf-cutter ant parade for the first time. 17 18 the economics of ant society ..................................................... I was walking on a trail in the La Selva tropical rainforest when I saw a lot of little green things move in lines.

37 38 the economics of ant society ..................................................... Plants Using Ants as Guards A surprising number of plants have nectaries on their leaves or stems as well as inside their flowers. These nectaries are called extrafloral nectaries, and unlike the floral nectaries, designed to attract bees and similar pollinators, extrafloral nectaries are almost always provided for the benefit of ants. These nectaries provide ants with nectar that is rich in concentrated sugars.

As their name implies, soldier ants are dedicated to the defense of the colony. Whenever enemies threaten the colony, the soldier ants mobilize immediately, ruthlessly ripping the invaders to shreds with their mighty jaws. These jaws can tear through human skin or even sturdy leather. One of these soldier ants bit my left pinky when I was digging up a leaf-cutter ant nest in Panama. I could handle the pain, but the bleeding was so profuse that I had to stop work. When I tried to pull the ant off my finger, its neck snapped off.

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