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One blue, one green. There was a medical term for that, but he couldn’t remember it. “I used to wear colored contacts, but they irritated my eyes,” she said. ” She winked. “I’m meant to stand out. ” Her blasé wisdom jolted a laugh from his throat. ” She rolled her beautiful, unique mismatched eyes as though it were completely obvious. “I can hear you grinding your teeth. ” She dropped an appraising look at his prosthetic. “How does that thing work? ” Adam noticed the pack of girls move in closer, evidently curious as to his reply.

She suspected they’d weary of the travel soon enough and then return to Bethel Bay. Their little community was like that. People left, but invariably, they all came home at some point. She was banking on that with Adam. She only hoped he wouldn’t be bringing a wife in tow. The simple thought made her flinch in agony. Adam loving someone else, kissing someone else, making love to someone else. ” he asked, concerned. ” Winnie shrugged the unpleasant thought aside. “Yeah. ” His eyes twinkled with grave humor.

She was grateful, of course. But at first had to admit that she’d thought him weak. It wasn’t until she was much older that she could appreciate how very strong he had to be. Forgiveness took strength. Frankly, she didn’t know if she’d inherited that strength. But her parents were happy now, off in their RV touring America, one scenic drive at a time. She missed them terribly, of course, but this had been one of their dreams for many years. She suspected they’d weary of the travel soon enough and then return to Bethel Bay.

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