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By Jeremy Brockelsby, Christian Phillips

Self evaluate by means of Ten academics provides a brand new chance for scientific scholars to evaluate their degrees of information and knowing in obstetrics and gynecology, and to perform their examination procedure. operating good as a stand-alone publication, this complete self-assessment publication is usually designed to enrich the well known volumes Gynecology through Ten academics and Obstetrics via Ten lecturers, either one of that have now reached their 18th editions.The booklet exams details lined within the Ten lecturers volumes through the entire number of examination query forms- EMQs, MCQs, SAQs, and OSCEs. each one resolution has a brief rationalization of its personal, and cross-references also are made to web page numbers and themes frequently textbooks.

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Epidural analgesia is mandatory. 54 a) b) c) d) e) The following complications are more likely after Caesarean section than after vaginal delivery: Pulmonary embolism. Secondary postpartum haemorrhage. Postnatal depression. Amniotic fluid embolism. Infection. 24 Obstetrics Obstetric emergencies 55 a) b) c) d) e) With regard to shoulder dystocia: It occurs in approximately 1 per cent of labours. It is more common in assisted vaginal delivery. McRobert’s manoeuvre will be effective in 90 per cent of cases.

The primary oocyte is arrested at the metaphase of the second meiotic division and not the interphase of the cycle. Meiosis is not resumed until after the LH surge. The first polar body is extruded prior to ovulation and the second polar body is extruded after ovulation. See Chapter 4, Obstetrics by Ten Teachers, 18th edition. 6 True: c. The embryo after fertilization remains in the fallopian tube for 3–4 days. It is endometrial cytokines not myometrial cytokines that modulate cytotrophoblastic proteolytic activity to control the depth of invasion.

Syphilis. 40 a) b) c) d) e) Considering human immunodeficiency virus: It is a retrovirus. The antibody test may take 1 month to become positive after exposure. The vertical transmission rate is approximately 15 per cent. Stopping breast feeding is an effective way of preventing vertical transmission. With intervention, the vertical transmission rate can be reduced to 3 per cent. Labour 41 a) b) c) d) e) With regard to anatomy of the maternal pelvis: The pudendal nerve passes in front of the ischial spine.

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