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Nice booklet of options for the sport of chess

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Semiopen Game in Action

Nice e-book of thoughts for the sport of chess

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The wiki also allowed the students to work on their game outside of class time and to share ideas with their friends. Students were also able to look at other groups’ work outside of class time in order to get ideas and have internal critique. This use of other students’ ideas is not considered plagiarism but more a positive analysis. It was not simply direct copying of games, but interaction lent to original thought as well as individual accountability for the product as a team. The nature of wikis is that an e-mail alert is sent to all participants each time the Web page has been edited.

In sabre fencing, the target areas are the arms and head. In play and physical education, we see a different form of tag relationship. Here, there are designated taggers, and the rest of the players are moving to avoid being tagged. Requiring neither teams, nor scores, nor sports equipment such as balls, tag games can easily be made more complex with various rule modifications. Both of these aspects make tag a popular game among children, and it is often played in informal areas such as playgrounds or backyards.

1995). Learning to teach critical thinking through child-designed games. Teaching Elementary Physical Education, 6 (1), 1; 6; 15. ● 29 This page intentionally left blank. Chapter 4 Understanding Games T he purpose of this chapter is to provide a more complete description of what we mean by games and game play. It will also help you to understand how the rest of the book is organized in terms of the way games can be grouped into different categories. Understanding the essential features of games and how they can be classified allows us to ask questions that will help students to design fun, challenging, and engaging games of their own.

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