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Television documentaries have demonstrated ample proof by changing the appearance of people to highlight the different treatment received. Your appearance should reflect your future ambition today, it is not enough to be dressed consistent with your present position. If you become a top executive and wear quirky and outrageous neckties, people are likely to accept it as eccentricity. Conversely, if you are a junior manager similar neckties may be viewed adversely by the senior executive you rely on for promotion.

He has backed a string of individuals to pursue revolutionary products and business propositions, but each one has failed sooner or later. He is no wealthier at all today, but his relentless quest continues. In sharp contrast, if he had started a business 15 years ago and worked hard to grow it, I feel sure he would be at least a multi-millionaire today. It makes sense to set 1, 3 and 5 year goals for capital accumulation as well. As with income goals, but even more importantly, you need to write down the evidence as to why your one year goal is achievable.

You may need days, weeks or months to formulate your vision. My message to you, however, is to start work on it now and recognize the importance of having a written statement. 37 SERIOUS MONEY HOW TO MAKE AND ENJOY IT Commit to a month by month action plan By now, hopefully you will have taken stock of your financial vision, set some goals and created your 10 year personal vision statement. Unless you commit yourself to taking positive action, however, increased wealth and happiness may prove disappointingly slow to materialize or even elusive.

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