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By Harry E. Pember

The tale of the enormous Sikorsky VS-44 and its use in battle and peace.

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Nevertheless, the NMS’s main message is one of concern about China’s military modernisation and growing assertiveness, and the implications of this trend for US interests, the military balance, access to and use of the global commons and cyberspace, and stability in the region. Indeed, improved Chinese military capabilities, particularly in the areas of antiaccess and area denial, were the impetus for cooperation between the US Navy and the US Air Force in moves to develop the Air–Sea Battle concept, as discussed in The Military Balance 2011 (p.

Now withdrawn from a combat role (a training team of almost 1,000 members remains), they are refurbishing equipment and rebuilding expeditionary capability. In early 2011, Canada deployed air and maritime assets to the missions over Libya, actively contributing to Operation Unified Protector until November 2011. Army 34,800 FORCES BY ROLE COMMAND 1 Task Force HQ MANOEUVRE Mechanised 1 (1st) mech bde gp (1 armd regt, 2 mech inf bn, 1 lt inf bn, 1 arty regt, 1 cbt engr regt) 2 (2nd & 5th) mech bde gp (1 armd recce regt, 2 mech inf bn, 1 lt inf bn, 1 arty regt, 1 cbt engr regt) COMBAT SUPPORT 1 AD regt 1 engr/cbt spt regt 3 int coy 3 MP pl COMBAT SERVICE SUPPORT 3 log bn 3 med bn EQUIPMENT BY TYPE MBT 121: 20 Leopard 2 A6M on lease; 61 Leopard 1C2; 40 Leopard 2 A4 RECCE 201 LAV-25 Coyote APC 1,220 APC (T) 332: 64 Bv-206; 235 M113; 33 M577 APC (W) 810: 635 LAV-III Kodiak (incl 33 RWS); 175 MILLAV Bison (incl 10 EW, 32 amb, 32 repair, 64 recovery) PPV 78: 68 RG-31 Nyala; 5 Cougar; 5 Buffalo ARTY 295 TOWED 190 105mm 153: 27 C2 (M101); 98 C3 (M101); 28 LG1 MK II; 155mm 37 M777 MOR 81mm 100 SP 81mm 24 Bison AT MSL 493 SP 33 LAV-TOW MANPATS 460: 425 Eryx; 35 TOW-2A/ITAS RCL 84mm 1,075 Carl Gustav; M2/M3 AD SAM • SP 33 ADATS MANPAD Starburst UAV • ISR • Light Skylark Reserve Organisations 23,150 Canadian Rangers 4,300 Reservists The Canadian Rangers are a Reserve sub-component of the Canadian Forces, which provide a limited military presence in Canada’s northern, coastal and isolated areas.

On 30 June, Secretary of Defense Dr Robert Gates stepped down after four and a half years in charge; his deputy, William J. Lynn III, announced his departure soon after. Leon Panetta, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), succeeded Gates at the Pentagon, and Dr Ashton Carter, until recently under secretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics, replaced Lynn. Panetta and Carter are both experienced Washington hands. Panetta’s earlier service in the US Congress and the Office of Management and Budget are particularly relevant in ongoing defence-budget debates.

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