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By Edward Hordern

Puzzle professional and collector Edward Hordern has chosen 270 of the easiest puzzles from his number of over 8,000 and systematically offers them during this booklet with complete recommendations. Interlocking sturdy puzzles, secret-opening puzzles, and maze and course puzzles are all a part of a big selection of poser "art" that might mystify, intrigue, and entertain. each one puzzle is rated for hassle and no mathematical wisdom is critical to unravel them. beginner and specialists alike might be capable of finding compatible puzzles to problem their wits and creativity.

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Rating: Title: Start Title: Bull Pen-from Games and puzzles you can make yourself' by Harvey Weiss. Date: 1977. Start position: As shown in the diagram. Object: To get the pieces (Bulls) to their correct places (pens) which should be: left to right in the top row 1 , 2 , 3 and left to right in bottom row 4, 5 , 6. Solution: 22 moves. Comment: A variation on the previous puzzle. Rating: The Eight Block Puzzle--from Sixth book of mathematical games from Scientific American, by M . Gardner. Based on an earlier puzzle by H.

USA. Date: 1971. Pieces: G = green; R = red; B = blue; Y = yellow. Start position: As shown in the diagram. 56 Sliding block puzzles with uniform pieces, Bl-B60 Sliding Piece Puzzles Start Object: Solution: Rating: B33 Finish Finish as shown in the diagram-no same colour touching. 20 moves. * (** in minimum moves). two pieces of the Titles: Start Finish A Motor-Car Proble~suhmittedto Strand Magazine probably by H . E. Dudeney. Germans vs. Allies Puzzle--sold as a card with 'push out' pieces. Date: 1903 (Motor-Car); 1918 (Germans).

Date: 1930s. Start positions:As shown in the diagram for both puzzles. Object: C2Gmove A to bottom left corner C21-move A to top right corner. Solutions: C2-5 moves (47). C21-26 moves (27). * Ratings: Title: Titles and dates: According to Gardner (1975) the earliest known version was called the Penant Puzzle. It was copyrighted in 1909 by L. W. Hardy (cf. C43) and was manufactured by the 0. K. Novelty Co. in Chicago, USA. Further USA versions were copyrighted in 1926 by J. W. Hayward and in 1927 by F.

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