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By John Sutherland

How good do you actually comprehend your favorite writer? Ace literary detective grew to become quizmaster John Sutherland demanding situations the reader to determine. beginning with effortless, actual questions that attempt how good you have in mind a unique and its characters, the quiz progresses to a degree of better hassle, difficult shut studying and interpretative deduction. What relatively motivates the characters, and what's occurring underneath the outside of the tale? From Bathsheba's valentine to Tess's favorite cows, the topics diversity throughout six of Hardy's most well-liked novels. Designed to amuse and divert, the questions and solutions take the reader on an inventive trip into the area of Thomas Hardy, the place speculation and hypothesis produce attention-grabbing and unforeseen insights. no matter if you're knowledgeable or fanatic, "So you're thinking that you recognize Thomas Hardy? " promises you'll recognize him far better after studying it.

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4/8 Three women, as Fitzpiers watches, pass through the newly painted swing-gate by his front door. How different are their actions, and reactions? 4/9 What are the implications of Fitzpiers’s affection for the poetry of Shelley? 4/10 Why will Fitzpiers not rise in the ‘profession he had chosen’, even if (as his saving Grace from typhoid indicates) he is a skilled medical practitioner by the standards of his time? 52 The Woodlanders: Questions 4/11 How does Grace find Fitzpiers when she calls on him to plead for Grammer Oliver’s brain?

2/12 Where does Lucetta’s only living relative live? The Mayor of Casterbridge: Questions 33 2/13 Who is characterized by ‘honesty in dishonesty’? 2/14 What work task does Nance Mockridge carry out in Henchard’s yard? 2/15 How long does the mayor hold office in Casterbridge, and what promotion thereafter is denied Henchard? 2/16 What dialect word in Elizabeth-Jane’s mouth most vexes her ‘father’? 2/17 What is ‘ladies’ hand’? 2/18 How many years does the judicious (and straight-talking) Elizabeth-Jane reckon her mistress, Lucetta, has before she becomes ‘hopelessly plain’?

2/14 Who says (as many could in Hardy’s fiction) ‘I am wrongly made’? 2/15 What do Christian and Wildeve use for a gaming table, and what do Wildeve and Venn use for light when the second dice game is played? 2/16 What, according to the Southerton surgeon, has caused Clym’s eye problems? 2/17 What is it that finally prostrates Mrs Yeobright on her epic hike back from Alderworth to Blooms-End? 2/18 What medicine do the residents of Blooms-End cottages apply to the wound of Mrs Yeobright? 2/19 What does Wildeve propose to do with his windfall?

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