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Windows NT/2000 ADSI Scripting for System Administration

Scripting offers method directors an optimum technique of automating tedious and time-consuming software, configuration, and administration projects. additionally you could make the most of new functions provided by means of VBScript, ADSI and home windows Scripting Host. ADSI is especially vital in gentle of the approaching unlock of home windows 2000, because it offers a method of gaining access to performance within the energetic listing Microsoft's highly-publicized listing carrier.

Porting to Win32™: A Guide to Making Your Applications Ready for the 32-Bit Future of Windows™

And evaluate booklet: to adopt an excursion into those new and to a wide volume unexplored territories, explaining alongside the way in which what a lot of these issues suggest to latest courses and their local use lower than Win32 platforms. finally, sooner than placing such great issues as a number of threads or Unicode into their purposes, builders need to port them to Win32 within the first position!

Beginning Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013

(Black & White variation) additionally on hand in full-color paperback, or on Kindle. Over four hundred instance photos starting home windows eight and Microsoft place of work 2013 is designed to assist those who find themselves new to home windows eight and Microsoft workplace 2013, in addition to those who would possibly not have used earlier models of home windows and workplace.

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Strengthen basic net purposes with the strong Django framework review Get to understand MVC trend and the constitution of Django Create your first website with Django mechanisms allow person interplay with kinds application tremendous fast types with Django good points. discover the simplest practices to improve functions of a fantastic caliber intimately Django is a robust Python net framework designed for quick internet software improvement.

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For a better understanding of batch files, see Chapter 16, “Understanding Batch Files,” p. 389. 2. BAT file. BAT file. 2. BAT File Command Meaning @ECHO OFF Suppresses the display of the commands as they are processed. ) Part CLS Clears the screen. Ch PROMPT $P$G Alters the way the DOS prompt is displayed. The $P$G portion of the line causes the prompt to show the currently logged drive and path, followed by a greater-than sign (>). You can use the PROMPT command to turn the DOS prompt into anything you want it to be.

For a detailed description of the boot process, see “What Happens When the Power Is Turned On” in Chapter 1, “DOS and the Personal Computer,” p. 15. System Configuration If you are not a long-time computer user, or if you have always had someone else maintain your system configurations for you, you might not be familiar with the roles played by two important files during startup. BAT files customize the way your computer is configured. These files load drivers, set options, and tweak the DOS environment.

When you install a video card or a modem into an expansion slot in your computer, it must conform to certain standards. These standards ensure that both DOS and the CPU know how to interface with the device. It is not unusual for some peripheral devices, such as parallel and serial communications ports, to be built directly onto the motherboard of the computer. These devices also must conform to the standards that allow DOS and the CPU to control them. Computer Memory To perform operations, your computer uses binary numbers to represent both data and program instructions.

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