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By Richard Bandler, John Grinder

Those seminal works in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) support therapists know the way humans create internal versions of the area to symbolize their event and advisor their habit. quantity I describes the Meta version, a framework for comprehending the constitution of language; quantity II applies NLP conception to nonverbal communication.

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Can't consider the place i discovered this. It's a experiment and has a TOC. certainly a readable reproduction.

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Another child who creates a model which distinguishes rocking chairs from other kinds o f chairs has more choices i n her behavior. From her experience, she develops a new rule or generalization for using rocking chairs only - Don't lean on the back! - and, therefore, has a richer model and more choices. " This rule in the context o f a prisoner-of-war camp may have a high survival value and will allow the person t o avoid placing himself in a position o f being punished. However, that person, using this same rule in a marriage, limits his potential for intimacy by excluding expressions which are useful in that relationship.

4. This i s not true of all linguists who may refer to themselves as transformationalists. The present split in the field - Extended Standard Theorists and Generative Semanticists - is not relevant for our purposes in adapting certain portions o f the Transformational model for our Meta-inodel for therapy. The recent work, especially by people in Generative Semantics, will be useful, we believe, in expanding the Meta-model we present here. See the bibliography for sources. 5. Strictly speaking, the deletion of the elements deleted in the text i s not legitimate from a purely linguistic point of view, as they are carrying referential indices - the process, however, i s typical of clients in therapy.

Fortunately, there is a group of academicians who have made the discovery and explicit statement of these patterns the subject of their discipline - transformational grammar. In fact, transformational grammarians have developed the most complete and sophisticated explicit model of human, rule-governed behavior. The notion of human, rule-governed behavior is the key to understanding the way in which we as humans use our language. We can be fairly sure that a child has some rule system if his production [of sentences and phrases - JTG] is regular, if he extends these regularities to new instances, and if he can detect deviations from regularity in his own speech and the speech of others.

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