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Background is laced with examples of people who've skilled states of powerfully heightened know-how. often called height reviews (PEs), those sessions of maximum psychological, emotional, and artistic invigoration have usually ended in nice achievements. Bestselling writer Colin Wilson has lengthy pursued the character of PEs, and listed here are the result of his 40-year research. via a wealth of enticing anecdotes, he unearths how the PEs of such ancient figures as Yeats, Blake, and Sartre, between others, encouraged their paintings. Plus, he deals clues to unlocking this religious strength in our personal lives.

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They are driven by an urge to evolve. The flow experience is also what Maslow meant by the peak experience, but the word ‘flow’ is more evocative, suggesting the ongoing movement of music. Flow is the opposite of stagnation and boredom. William James speaks of a football player who plays the game technically perfectly; and then one day, he is taken over by the excitement of play, and suddenly the game is playing him. This is the essence of the flow experience. It is evolution in action: we can feel ourselves evolving.

Every schoolboy knows that feeling of delight on the first day of a holiday, and how quickly it turns into habit. ’ That is because when we suddenly become free, the freedom is a pleasant shock. But it is soon taken for granted and becomes mechanical. We are still free in the physical sense; but the sensation of freedom has vanished. This applies even more so to the vision of sexual freedom. Sex is one of the most effective means we have of creating ‘the flow experience’. This useful term was coined in the 1970s by Mihalyi Csikczentmihalyi, a psychologist at the University of Chicago, who examined groups as diverse as musical composers, surgeons, Japanese motorcycle gangs, rock climbers and devotees of ocean cruising, and found the same common denominator: the experience of energy flowing smoothly and powerfully, producing a kind of ecstasy.

I said to Light. ’ Light gave me a demonic grin and pointed his finger at the black gizmo on the table, and I realized that all this while subtle little electrical waves had been insinuating their way into my brain. The machine had released into Hutchison’s brain some of its natural opiates, the painkilling and euphoria-inducing endorphins. Light described to Hutchison how he had once driven 600 miles to a conference hooked up to his brain-stimulator, arrived full of energy and ideas, then later driven back without a break.

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