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By Wojciech Kocjan;Piotr Beltowski

Tcl (Tool Command Language) is an important and straightforward to benefit dynamic programming language, appropriate for a truly wide selection of makes use of. Tcl is considered one of many best-kept secrets and techniques within the software program undefined. This e-book delivers a hands-on event on Tcl, aiding you enhance network-aware purposes utilizing this mature but evolving language.This ebook indicates you ways to create network-aware purposes with Tcl language. choked with useful examples, the e-book not just takes you thru the implementation of community protocols in Tcl, but in addition key points of Tcl programming.The booklet begins with the elemental component to Tcl programming as we have a look at the syntax and basic instructions of the language. To get us prepared for community programming, we glance at vital Tcl good points comparable to object-oriented programming, gaining access to records, packaging in TCL, occasion pushed programming, and multithreaded functions. To create standalone single-file executable purposes with Tcl we seriously look into the Starpack know-how, and make sure that good be ready to create powerful purposes with an intensive assurance of troubleshooting and debugging Tcl applications.The e-book is absolutely approximately community programming, and it'll no longer allow you to down with its deep insurance of those subject matters. after all we glance at protocols, yet there are many sensible examples to maintain issues relocating alongside. we begin with the TCP and UDP protocols, and think about another protocols to work out examples of synchronizing time with different servers, querying person details and authenticating clients over LDAP and acting DNS queries.The e-book explains basic community administration Protocol (SNMP), that's frequently used for tracking and amassing details from numerous units, similar to routers, gateways, printers and plenty of different sorts of apparatus. good additionally examine internet programming in Tcl; processing the requests coming from the consumers through the HTTP protocol and responding to those requests. Youll be capable to create an entire answer for making a client-server software in Tcl.To around issues off, youll see the right way to safe your networked functions, construct public key infrastructure into your software and use Tcls secure interpreter function to minimize hazard of operating code from unknown source.This e-book might be assist you find a diversity of community protocols and ideas and exhibit how one can enforce them in Tcl--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Руководство по сетевому программированию на языке динамического программирования Тcl (Tool Command Language)

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If we want to order it by the last name and the decreasing order of age for the same last names, we need to sort it by age first and later by the last name: set list {{John Doe 32} {Joe Smith 29} {Jane Doe 35}} set list [lsort -integer –decreasing -index 2 $list] puts [lsort -dictionary -index 1 $temp] The result of this sort would be: {John Doe 32} {Jane Doe 35} {Joe Smith 29} You can search through your list to find the element(s) that match your pattern using lsearch: % set myList {zero one two three}; puts [lsearch $myList three] 3 [ 33 ] Introducing Tcl This command looks for the element three in myList, and returns the index of the first occurrence of the searched element—3 (or -1 if element is not found).

In this case, myCommand accepts only one argument—name. The implementation is simple, because the command returns some greetings as its execution result. You can use this command in the same way as the others: [ 42 ] Chapter 1 Summary Tcl is a mature language and it is easy to use. It covers a wide range of domains, ranging from task automation to fully-featured GUI applications. Its syntax is a bit different from other languages, but once mastered, it becomes clear and logical. The wide set of available extensions along with the ability to define your own commands means there are virtually no limits in terms of extending the capabilities it offers.

The concept of the $auto_path variable and other packages will be described in more detail in the next chapter. ActiveTcl comes with a handy utility called Teacup. This utility allows for easy installation of prebuilt Tcl extensions from external remote repositories called Tcl Extension Archives. These archives, also known as Teapot, are centrally managed sites. Currently, there is one public Teapot maintained by ActiveState. By using Teacup, you can install the package you need into your local repository and then use it in your scripts.

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