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As previously stated, the system must be capable of supplying the space with air with a temperature of 30–35°C, at less than 40% relative humidity. The burn-in period can range from 10 to 28 days, and the IVF laboratory should be kept closed during this time. If these temperatures cannot be reached by the base system, use auxiliary electrical heating to reach the minimum temperature. During burn-in, all lighting and some auxiliary equipment should be turned on and left running the whole time. Naturally, ventilation is critical if redistribution of irritants is to be avoided; the whole purpose is to purge the air repeatedly.

While the air quality in modern laboratories can be controlled to a degree, it can never be fully protected from the exterior environment and adjoining building spaces. Designers should first determine if the building or the surrounding site will undergo renovations, demolition or major changes of any kind, in the foreseeable future. City planning should also be reviewed. Historical environmental data and trends, future construction and the ability of maintenance staff to sustain the IVF laboratory need to be determined.

A triploid embryo died in utero—more bad luck. 32,33 It was a lovely, well developed boy. Louise Brown’s birth, and then Alistair’s, proved to a waiting world that science and medicine had entered human conception. Our critics declared that the births were a fake, and advised against attending our presentation on the whole of the Oldham work at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. IVF worldwide The Oldham period was over. Good facilities were now needed, with space for a large IVF clinic.

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