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By Arno Lindner

The choice and administration of performance-limitation in game horses is particularly difficult, specially inside of a short while interval prior to a huge pageant. during this e-book, specialists expose their event on: what will we find out about the bad functionality horse? And at the gastrointestinal tract: clinical, dietary and surgical concerns; might it's the guts? might or not it's the muscle groups? tracking orthopaedic overall healthiness in pageant horses; may possibly it's the foot? may well it's neurological? situations the place physiotherapy helped to make a distinction; And, may well or not it's respiration?

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Lower airway endoscopy allows to examine the trachea and the bronchi and to assess the possible presence of mucus, mucopus or blood in the lower airway. Cytological examination of BAL is a sensitive and specific examination which assists in the diagnosis of lower airway disease, but yet does not give functional information on the existing problem. However, it is generally admitted that IAD and RAO are frequently in relation with exercise intolerance at least in racehorses. Exercise tests: are they useful?

From goal 1 to goal 4, the clinical reliability becomes better and the interpretation of the exercise test easier. Indeed, goal 1 remains very difficult to achieve outside real competitive circumstances. Goal 2 could be adequately reached if only regular tests were performed in the same horse and initial acquired data served as reference to assess progress during the training period. For goal 3, exercise tests are useful to indicate that the oxygen chain is somewhere disrupted or to demonstrate occurrence of pain or lameness.

Field exercise tests offer a more limited number of measurements to be done. It mimics the real work conditions and is therefore valuable to observe the behavior and gaits of the horse during its usual work; it is much less stressing for the horse and for the owner. Exercise is more difficult to standardize and to repeat in comparable conditions. The adaptation of new techniques for field measurements will certainly be a progress in the near future. What is the future of sports medicine? New diagnostic tools for the future 1982: First International Congress of Equine Exercise Physiology: ‘Exercise tests should allow for detecting causes of reduced performance and will be essential, in the future, in the evaluation of therapeutics required to restore or improve exercise tolerance’.

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