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By Edward O. Wilson, Bert Hölldobler

This landmark paintings, the distillation of a life of study by means of the world's best myrmecologists, is a thoroughgoing survey of 1 of the biggest and so much assorted teams of animals on this planet. Hölldobler and Wilson overview in exhaustive element almost all subject matters within the anatomy, body structure, social association, ecology, and usual background of the ants. In huge layout, with virtually 1000 line drawings, photos, and work, it really is probably the most visually wealthy and all-encompassing perspectives of any staff of organisms on the earth. it is going to be welcomed either as an creation to the topic and as an encyclopedia reference for researchers in entomology, ecology, and sociobiology.

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In addition it is reduced or absent in the males of many ant species as well as in the more extreme social parasites (Brown, 1968).

6. As in (5) but prey items are progressively provided, as the larva grows. 7. As in (6) but progressive provisioning occurs from the start. 8. In addition to progressive provisioning in a preconstructed nest, female macerates prey items and feeds the pieces directly to the larvae. 9. Founding female is long-lived, so that offspring remain with her in the nest, add cells, and lay eggs of their own. 10. Little colony of cooperating females engages in trophallaxis (liquid food exchange), but there is still no division into reproductive and worker castes.

Hence, if each link in the chain has many workers in attendance, a series directed at any particular object (a given hungry larva) is less likely to fail. Moreover, ants specializing on particular labor categories typically constitute a caste specialized by age or body form or both. , Wilson, 1980b; Porter and Tschinkel, 1985). What makes ants unusual even in the select company of eusocial insects is the fact that they are the only eusocial predators occupying the soil and ground litter. Termites live in the same places and also have wingless workers, but they feed almost exclusively on dead vegetation.

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