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The arrows indicate the entry hex sides into that hex. "H 3" and "H 5" indicate the two debouchement hexes for "H 4". A. AMPHIBIOUS UNITS 1. Units listed as "amphibious" on the UFT may enter a Suez Canal hex that contains a trench counter, even if there is no bridge in that hex. a. An amphibious unit cannot cross a moraine hex side unless it is an "entry" hex side that has been transformed into a sand dune hex side. b. To enter a Suez hex, a unit must start adjacent and expend its whole movement to move one hex into the Suez hex.

5. Important: It does not matter how many attack points are taking part in an interdiction attack, as long as there are at least 14 attack points. a. An interdiction attack against an armored target is always executed at 1-2 odds. b. An interdiction attack against a non-armored target is always executed at 1-1 odds. c. An interdiction attack against a flying target never has any effect. 6. Important: The CRT is used to determine combat results, but the results are interpreted differently. a. The die roll is never modified in an interdiction attack.

3. Assault boats function as carrier units. a. Each assault boat can transport one infantry-class passenger. b. Each assault boat expends all of its movement to load a passenger. The passenger must start in ANY adjacent non-Suez hex; when it is loaded it is placed in the assault boat's hex. While loading or unloading a passenger unit may cross any moraine hex side. c. Similarly, an assault boat expends all of its movement to unload a passenger into any adjacent non-Suez hex. Once it has unloaded a passenger, the assault boat is out of action for the rest of the game.

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