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Sylvia Plath (1932–63), poet 72 11. Elvis Presley (1935–77), singer 70 12. John Lennon (1940–80), musician 65 13. Bruce Lee (1940–73), martial artist and actor 65 14. Otis Redding (1941–67), musician 64 15. Ritchie Valens (1941–59), singer 64 16. Jimi Hendrix (1942–70), musician 63 17. Janis Joplin (1943–70), singer 62 18. Jim Morrison (1943–71), musician 62 19. Bob Marley (1945–81), singer 60 20. Marc Bolan (1947–77), musician 58 21. John Belushi (1949–82), comedian 56 22. Douglas Adams (1952–2001), science fiction writer 53 23.

After her marriage to Beso Dzhugashvili she supported her new family by working as a washerwoman and seamstress. When her son Joseph was born, she hoped he would become a priest, and throughout her life she was disappointed at his choice of a different career. KLARA PÖLZL HITLER (mother of ADOLF HITLER, Nazi dictator) A simple, uneducated Bavarian girl, 18-year-old Klara joined the household of her second cousin, ‘Uncle’ Alois Hitler, whose mistress she became and whom she eventually married. Three of her children died in infancy prior to the birth of Adolf, and Klara was always fearful of his death as well.

JACKIE COLLINS (1941– ), NOVELIST At 16, Collins was expelled from Francis Holland School in England for (among other crimes) truancy, smoking behind a tree during lacrosse, selling readings from her diary of naughty limericks and waving at the neighbourhood flasher. ROGER DALTREY (1944– ), MUSICIAN Daltrey was expelled from Acton County Grammar School in England. ’ GUSTAVE FLAUBERT (1821–80), AUTHOR The 18-year-old Flaubert was first in his philosophy class at the College Royal. Nevertheless, he led a revolt against a substitute teacher, and when the noisy students were ordered to copy 1,000 lines of poetry as punishment, Flaubert organised a petition in protest.

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