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By A. S. Troshin

Foreign sequence of Monographs in natural and utilized Biology: Zoology department, quantity 34:The mobile and Environmental Temperature records the lawsuits of the foreign Symposium on Cytoecology held in Leningrad, U.S.S.R., from may perhaps 31 to June five, 1965.

This compilation specializes in the function of mobile reactions within the version of multicellular organisms to environmental temperatures. the themes contain the biochemical and physiological elements of plant frost-resistance; mechanisms of resistance of poikilothermic animals to subfreezing temperatures; and adjustments in carbohydrate content material of vegetation below heat-hardening. The research of seasonal adjustments in thermostability of frog muscle mass; impact of temperature on breathing and oxidative phosphorylation of pea seedlings; and metabolic and significant worried acclimation of fish to chilly also are covered.

This booklet is meant for biologists fascinated about the cytology, body structure, and ecology of crops and animals.

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1947) New method of quantitative determination of auxin activity. Trans. R. Acad. Sei. 57, 2 , 197-199BOYARKIN, A. N. (1948) Some improvements for the method of quantitative determination of auxin activity. Trans. R. Acad. Sei. 59, 9, 1 6 5 1 - 1 6 5 2 . GENKEL, P. A. and OKNINA, E. Z. (1948) On the dormant state of plants. Trans. R. Acad. Sei. 62, 3, 409-412. KLEIN, G. und LINSER, H. (1930) Fluoreszentanalytische Untersuchungen an Pflanzen. Österr. botan. Ζ. 79, 2, 1 2 5 - 1 6 3 KRASAVTSEV, Ο.

Wheat Wheat Wheat Wheat Spinach Spinach Photophosphorylation in ^moles/mg chlorophyll per hr, and chloroplasts isolated: From frozen leaves Intact chloroplasts 17-7 Intact chloroplasts 10*4 Broken chloroplasts 17-6 Broken chloroplasts 7*1 Intact chloroplasts 0*0 Intact chloroplasts 4*0 From unfrozen leaves 63-3 42-2 47-0 16-2 326-0 304-0 Thus freezing of intact cells yields results very similar to those observed with cell fractions and with isolated cell organelles. It can be concluded, therefore, that destruction due to freezing, of the phosphorylation reactions which provide the energy necessary to maintain life, takes place in vitro and in vivo.

A preliminary sucrose treatment gave a weaker effect (Table 3). The treatment with a weak tannin solution resulted in some increase in frost-resistance. TABLE 3. FROST-RESISTANCE OF PARENCHYMA CELLS OF ELDER AND CHERRY GROWING SHOOTS AFTER THEIR TREATMENT WITH FLUOROCHROMES 2 Concentration: elder fluorochromes—no. 1 2 x 1CT , no. 2 _2 fluorochromes—no. 4 3 x 1 0 m g / m l . 3 8 x 1 C r ; cherry Results of freezing in 1 0 % sucrose solution (°C) Method of treatment Dead Living Elder No treatment Fluorochrome no.

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