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By Ed Greenwood

This publication finds the secrets and techniques, ideas, and magic of the Harpers, together with: Harper Runes; Harper Magic; The lengthy, colourful heritage of the Harpers; Their evil Foes; Their distinctive Allies; The fabled excessive Heralds; What Harpers Do; Harper Haunts: their strongholds, and the Harpers who (literally) hang-out them; becoming a member of the Harpers, and the way to develop into a real Harper and a grasp Harper... And extra, from favourite Harper ballads to particular Harper NPCs.

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His information seemed always to be right, and his ability to anticipate enemy tactics seemed uncanny. Thay intended to enslave all of Faerûn, he said—or at least all who hadn’t been personally made immune to the spell. The only things holding the Red Wizards back, Rundorl said, were the inability of the Red Wizards to perfect the means of making themselves immune to the Undeath castings of a rival (experimentation was understandably risky)— and the Harpers. Red Wizards who’d ignored goings-on in the “backward, savage” lands of the North suddenly woke to the threat of this reckless band of would-be Red Wizard assassins.

The harried Harpers hired a mercenary army of their own to invade the drow realm. As this army drew near, the drow scrambled up to meet them—which was what the Harpers had intended them to do. Explosive spells cast by Elminster, Khelben, and the growing ranks of Harper wizards caused the mine to collapse, closing the surface linkages and literally crushing the drow queen’s power. The MageLords saw the hired Harper army as fodder gathered especially for their taking, and so they struck. Khelben had anticipated this, however; it was the reason he’d gathered all the wizards of the Harpers in one place.

Now a mother, Dove has spent much time in Evermeet, raising her child (son Azalar) in relative safety. She always carries a rogue stone-an enspelled gem that can whisk her back to Evermeet (a teleport without error device) when grasped and commanded. Dove owns a magical harp of a rare type now named for her (its original Myth Drannan name now lost), a luck blade +1 containing 2 wishes, and various minor items of magic. She usually wears nondescript leather armor and a cloak and boots of elvenkind, seldom dressing in formal female garb.

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