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Although different, these three defensive transcriptomes do share several commonalities. First, a range of signaling pathways are used in response to either attack including the SA-, ethylene-, cytokinin-, and oxylipin (JA) pathways. Second, there is clearly a complex reorganization of gene expression that not only involves genes associated directly with defense, but also those associated with key primary metabolic pathways, photosynthesis, cell wall, carbon and nitrogen metabolism, stress, wounding, and invasion of pathogens.

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WRKY62 transcription factor acts downstream of cytosolic NPR1 and negatively regulates jasmonateresponsive gene expression. , 2007, 48: 833– 842. Mattiacci L, Dicke M, Posthumus M A. Beta-glucosidase: An elicitor of herbivore-induced plant odor that attracts hostsearching parasitic wasps. Proc. Natl. Acad. , 1995, 92: 2036– 40. Deciphering the Plant-Insect Phenotypic Arms Race 29 Mazumdar-Leighton S, Broadway R M. Transcriptional induction of diverse midgut trypsins in larval Agrotis ipsilon and Helicoverpa zea feeding on the soybean trypsin inhibitor.

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