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The fragments that make up the thickest region of the belt vary in size from tiny granules to immense planetoids with trace atmospheres. Over theyears, the Hath asteroid belt has attracted criminal elements that used the field for effective, if dangerous, hiding places. Aside from the threats of asteroid collision, the belt features natural inhabitants that spacers need to be wary of. The Hoth asteroid belt is filled with mynocks, silicon-based energy parasites that often attach themselves to passing stars hips.

It was pursued by the Star Destroyer Avenger, one of the few remaining fleet ships in the area. Much of the fleet was dispersing, attempting to intercept whichever transport they could. Solo and Chewbacca's skills were such that not a single pursuing TIE fighter survived the initial pursuit. If only their repair skills could be so commended, since the Falcon's hyperdrive failed to activate. The Falcon set down in a massive crater in an equally massive asteroid. 562), the beleaguered field, Needa and his ship were not properly prepared.

Human female. She seemed delirious, probably the result of the strange wound on her right leg. She called herself Jan Ors, and Tarrin was both terrified and captivated. ln her delirium, Ors mentioned to Tarrin that the freighter contained a cargo full of primegrade fuel slugs destined for the Rebellion. The Empire had noticed the theft of their fuel slugs, and followed the freighter to Duro. Tarrin, the sole pilot on the freighter could not let the valued cargo fall back into Imperial hands. He took control of the freighter, broke Iree of the docking tower, and steered toward open space.

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