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By Richard Olsson

If you're an ActionScript developer or dressmaker and also you wish to paintings with 3D in Flash, this booklet is for you. you are going to study the middle Flash 3D innovations, utilizing the open resource Away3D engine as a prime software. after you have mastered those talents, it is possible for you to to gain the chances that the on hand Flash 3D engines, languages, and applied sciences need to give you with Flash and 3D.

  • Describes 3D innovations in thought and their implementation utilizing Away3D
  • Dives correct in to teach readers easy methods to speedy create an interactive, lively 3D scene, and builds on that have in the course of the publication
  • Each bankruptcy encompasses a variety of tutorials that concentrate on one particular characteristic or staff of beneficial properties

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Because we first rotated the coordinate system of the 3D container, the rotation will now be performed around the transformed representation of the Y axis. The revolving arrow in the center image of Figure 3-7 depicts this rotation. 33 CHAPTER 3 Figure 3-7. Two consecutive rotation operations are applied to a 3D container with a rectangular block contained within. The local Y axis is transformed by the rotation performed around the Z axis in the first step, affecting the rotation performed around the Y axis in the second step.

In this way, the amount of drawing operations (and therefore the amount of processing) required to render a view can be greatly reduced. Using this technique is explored in more detail in the “Creating and using the view” section of this chapter. Z sorting Z sorting is a process that calculates the order objects are drawn to screen. We generally take for granted that, in real life, objects closer to us appear in front of objects further away. In a 3D engine, this order of overlapping has to be calculated every frame so that the 3D objects displayed in a view appear natural.

The default value is 8. You can experiment with this setting by adding the following line to the end of the _createCamera() method in our HoverCameraMovement example. steps = 0; With the value of steps set to 0 in the preceding code, there is no easing at all on camera motion, and recompiling the example with this value should make things feel much more snappy. Alternatively, recompiling with a value of 16 for the steps property creates the opposite effect, with all sudden movements of the mouse smoothed into a fluid camera motion.

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