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By Asim Kurjak, Guillermo Azumendi

For the ultrasound practitioner it's now extra vital than ever to have a rigorous knowing of fetal anatomy and improvement. This source publishes a variety of very fine quality ultrasound photographs of the fetus along embryological arrangements and fetoscopy photographs. This detailed comparative approach may be a necessary academic instrument and paintings of reference for all keen on fetal ultrasound, together with experts in maternal-fetal medication, ultrasound physicians, ultrasonography technicians, and midwives.

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63 (C) 27 weeks. 65 Assessment of fetal facial structures using two different techniques of 3D imaging. (A) Fetal facial anatomy from the surface mode. (B) Semiprofile anatomy. 66 Normal facial structures seen using 3D maximum mode. 69 Abnormal visualization of the face in a fetus affected by holoprosencephaly (inset). 68 Tomographic ultrasound imaging demonstrating abnormal measurement of the intraocular diameter (IOD) in a case of holoprosencephaly. 71 Assessment of fetal facial structures using two different techniques of 3D imaging.

How can we assess this part of early human development by ultrasound? 1). It enables accurate prediction of ovulation and detection of any ovulation abnormalities. 1 3D ultrasound scan of an ovary stimulated by human menopausal gonadotropin. Note the two follicles, in one of which a triangular structure presenting cumulus oophorus is clearly visualized controlled stimulation by gonadotropins and to develop a reasonable number of mature follicles and oocytes simultaneously. 3), in combination with relatively unchanged impedance to blood flow.

There is some evidence that in the early 2nd trimester, fetal gender can be accurately predicted by assessment of the direction in which the genital tubercle points (cranial for males and caudal for females) and also by the sagittal sign, whereby examination of the genital region in the midline sagittal plane demonstrates a caudal notch in females and a cranial notch in males. 103 Male genitalia in a 20-week fetus make a clear distinction on examination of the genitalia until after 10 weeks of gestation.

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