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Intensive and broad cultivation of grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) ends up in critical pest challenge in vineyards in significant grape starting to be components of the area. weather conditions in India are favorable for top construction of desk and wine grapes, and therefore additionally for occurrence of number of pests. those contain the sucking insect pests specifically thrips, hoppers, mealybugs etc., and beetle pests like stem borer, stem girdler, flea beetles, chafer beetles, shot gap borer and a number of other lepidopteron, mites, nematodes and vertebrate pests. Pests of grapes in different international locations correct to Indian stipulations also are dealt herewith considering the fact that they could get brought in India in destiny. modern details on biology, harm, seasonal improvement, administration practices of the pests are lined during this e-book. many of the pest administration practices in different international locations also are given, as a way to be helpful to Indian stipulations. Pesticide residue is a major challenge either for export and inner marketplace in grapes. guide for pesticide residue administration in grapes is usually given during this booklet. The authors have attempted to deal with just about all the real info generated at the grape pests as much as 2012. a whole record of grape pests (except affliction) happening in several grape transforming into areas of the realm can also be lined during this booklet as a way to be prepared reckoner for the grape employees. The authors clearly desire that this e-book will offer worthy info to many entomologists, scholars engaged on grapes and the grape growers within the state. it's a excitement to thank all these those that gave aid, feedback and encouragement within the practise of our e-book “The Grape Entomology”.

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3 Pests More than 100 pests are known to attack grapes in India. Among them, thrips, mealybugs, stem borer, mites, bats and birds are considered to cause serious losses in various regions if adequate and timely preventive and curative measures are not taken. Yield losses as high as 80 % have been reported on grapes due to insect pests in India. Insects Insects take a heavy toll on the grape crop. A total of 132 insects are known to attack grapevines worldwide. Of these, only about ten species are considered to cause losses in various regions and different grape-growing states of India.

Severe thrips attacks cause necrosis in the leaves; the leaves dry up and drop off the vine, and adults as well as nymphs migrate to healthy leaves. 14 The punctures of nymphs and adults produce a toxic reaction that retards the development of tender shoots. In heavy infestations, shoots may be severely stunted. Thrips also attack blossoms and developing berries and cause a certain amount of abortion during the flowering period (Bounier 1976). When eggs are laid in newly developed berries, a small dark scar, surrounded by a lightened area, develops (this is also called a halo spot).

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