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"Professor Drews has written a really striking publication. He provides not anything below a wholly new thesis concerning either the genesis of Greek historiography and the character of the Histories of Herodotus. right into a box lengthy ruled via the nice figures of Germanic scholarship, Eduard Schwartz, Felix Jacoby and Kurt von Fritz, Drews has come forth with the braveness to examine issues anew and to choose that the heavily reasoned Entwicklungstheorien of his predecessors are essentially improper. To nation issues baldly, Drews has made up our minds to take Herodotus at his notice. rather than going to problematic lengths to end up that Herodotus doesn't suggest what he says, Drews purposes that Herodotus intended to just do what he says he's going to do. This hassle-free swap in angle has produced a considerably diversified method of Herodotus and to the origins of Greek historiography." J. D. Muhly (Journal of close to jap reports, 35:1, Jan 1976, p. forty-one)

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This dare not, however, remain a post hoc propter hoc argument. Fortunately, we are relatively well informed about the literature which resulted from the Greek victory over the Persians. The tragedian Phrynichus, who had terrified the Athenians with his earlier play, The Sack of Miletus, wrote a drama on the Persian Wars and entitled it Phoenician Women. Plutarch tells us that in 476 Themisrocles was the choregus for a drama of Phrynichus, and it is likely that the Phoenician Women was the play performed at that date.

They contain, in addition to the history of the people concerned, much on their customs and the geography and marvels of their land. But very little is known about early Greek ethnography, apart from the Periegesis of Hecataeus. 4 Jacoby's hypothesis that early ethnographies contained some history resulted from his belief that historiography began somewhere along the continuum which, he thought, linked Hecataeus and Herodotus: if Hecataeus the ethnographer did not yet write history, and if his spiritual descendant Herodotus disengaged history from ethnography, then during the period between them ethnographers must have begun to include some historical material in their works.

One instance of his dependence on the Persica may be found in the first book of the Histories, which presents us with a number of summary statements about the duration of the Heraclid Lydian arche over Lower Asia, and of the Assyrian and Median empires in Upper Asia. 32 As I have argued in detail elsewhere,33 it is very unlikely that Herodotus arrived at these figures by adding together the reigns of individual monarchs, since he did not have such information [28] THE GRE E K A C C O U N T S OF E A S T E R N H I S T O R Y for the Heraclid Lydians and the Assyrians, and, when added together, his own figures for the individual Median kings come to a total of 150, not 156 years.

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