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By P. J., Cranston, P. S. Gullan

The bugs: an summary of Entomology by way of Gullan, P. J., Cranston, P. S. [Wiley-Blackwell, 2010] ( Hardcover ) 4th variation [Hardcover]

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Closure of at least one canning plant was blamed on shortfall of mopane worms. Decline in the abundance of caterpillars is said to result from both increasing exploitation and reduction in mopane woodlands. In parts of Botswana, heavy commercial harvesting is claimed to have reduced moth numbers. Threats to mopane worm abundance include deforestation of mopane woodland and felling or branch-lopping to enable caterpillars in the canopy to be brought within reach. Inaccessible parts of the tallest trees, where mopane worm density may be highest, undoubtedly act as refuges from harvest and provide the breeding stock for the next season, but mopane trees are felled for their mopane crop.

Clearly, different conservation strategies are required for each case. Migratory species, such as the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus), require special conservation. 7). Critical to the conservation of these monarchs is the safeguarding of the overwintering habitat at Sierra Chincua and elsewhere in Mexico. A most significant insect conservation measure implemented in recent years is the decision of the Mexican government to support the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (Mariposa Monarca Biosphere Reserve) established to protect the phenomenon.

Although the monarch butterfly is an excellent flagship insect, the preservation of western overwintering populations in coastal California protects no other native species. The reason for this is that the major resting sites are in groves of large introduced eucalypt trees, especially blue gums, which are depauperate faunistically in their non-native habitat. A successful example of single-species conservation involves the El Segundo blue, Euphilotes battoides ssp. allyni, whose principal colony in sand dunes near Los Angeles airport was threatened by urban sprawl and golf course development.

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