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By David Sherman

A U.S. Marine mixed motion Platoon in Vietnam; a unmarried Marine squad is found in Khung Toi, a Vietnamese village, operating with the preferred Forces -- the neighborhood defense force. jointly, the Marines and PFs shape CAP Whiskey eight. 3 of the Marines, utilizing the nom de guerres of Socrates, Captain Hook, and Sneaky Pete, become involved with a secretive and mysterious venture, assigned to assassinate NVA cadre in villages except their very own. The corporal often called Socrates is disturbed by way of the undertaking and attempts to backpedal it, yet reveals not anything yet extra unanswered questions. On one undertaking, he and his males locate records detailing a deliberate significant NVA assault on CAP Whiskey eight. The Marines and their Vietnamese opposite numbers slightly have time to organize for the largest struggle any of them have ever been in.

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Who are you," he demanded. " "Well, we're here. " Cronley looked at him blankly. " Socrates grimaced in disgust. "Who's Captain McAninley? How long you been in this battalion, Marine? " "S4" was the logistics officer of a battalion or regiment. " Socrates shook his head in wonder at the ignorance of this PFC. "Major Hearn was the S4. Captain McAninley replaced him this morning. " Socrates' voice dripped with scorn. " "B-but I'm in supply and I don't know you. " He looked at the other Marines loading the truck trying to remember which one of them got out of the cab with the driver; he knew this Marine had ridden in the back of the six-by and couldn't really be the man in charge.

29 David Sherman "You know it, Marine," Mad Greek said back. They drove into Da Nang. They had to drive around for more than an hour before they found a pile of lumber that wasn't too heavily guarded. The one they found had twenty 8x8 beams and a stack of plywood sheets. Next to it were several 5'x10' sheets of corrugated metal, half a dozen bundles of new sandbags, a roll of chicken wire, and one lone rifleman guarding all of it. The rifleman's uniform was so new he had to be fresh in-country.

Not when he had the stranger to think about. "What's your name," he'd asked the stranger. "We operate on a need to know basis," the stranger had replied. " And that's a crock of shit, Socrates thought. First things first, though. As much as he wanted to figure out who the nameless stranger was and what he wanted, he had to be on the alert for bad guys to show up here tonight. It didn't surprise him that Charlie would come to Toi Mui for food and supplies. Toi Mui was the logical choice in the village.

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