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Once you have fully grasped these two concepts, Omaha Hi/Lo is an excellent game to play online as so many players do not understand the rules! 43 Watch the other players for tells. Especially look at your opponents’ eyes. For example, a player in late position who glances at the opponents on his left is probably considering trying to steal the blinds. 44 A surprising number of players think it is clever to behave as though they have the opposite hand to the one they actually hold. For example, a player holding the nuts will frequently bet with a sigh, as though he’s very reluctant to put his money down.

If you sit down for an evening of Hold’em when everything else in your life has gone wrong that day – it’s going to be an expensive evening.

14 Never slow-play AA or KK before the flop. If you don’t raise, the chances of your rockets or cowboys being beaten go up and up. Occasionally everyone will fold, but that’s a chance you have to take. Better that, than to be beaten by 8-7 suited or something equally horrible. 15 Don’t let the fact that your hole cards are suited at Hold’em unduly influence your decision whether to fold or not. Most low-limit players place far too much value on suited cards. The fact that your 5-4 is suited does not make it playable.

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