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By Kevin D. Hoover

Monetary technique commonly specializes in microeconomic thought. The method of Empirical Macroeconomics breaks new flooring by means of focusing as a substitute at the real difficulties that come up for macroeconomists attempting to relate conception to facts. It demonstrates that with cautious cognizance to genuine macroeconomic perform, financial technique and the philosophy of technology aid to solve difficulties confronted via operating macroeconomists. a few concerns addressed are: the connection among theoretical versions and empirical observations; microfoundations for macroeconomics; the scope and nature of financial legislation, the function of idealizations, methodological individualism, and the matter of causality.


"I think that this booklet accomplishes its major mission--relating the philosophy of technology to useful macroeconomic issues." -

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796. 32 Are There Macroeconomic Laws? 1. Correspondences between two harmonic d 2z oscillators governed by A 2 + Bz = 0 dt Interpretation Coefficient Mass-and-spring oscillator Inductance-capacitance oscillator A B z mass distance force inductance (inverse) capacitance charge idealization and analogy The view that science is about the construction of nomological machines and the identification of the capacities that govern their functioning highlights the fact that it often requires great cleverness to generate robust empirical regularities.

67 ¥ 10-11 newtons-m2/kg2 is the universal gravitational constant; and by initial conditions: M = Me, the mass of the earth R = Re, the distance between m and the center of the earth. Together these imply 22 Are There Macroeconomic Laws? a = GMe/Re ∫ g from which V = gt follows immediately. The power of deductive-nomological explanations is felt most keenly when the explanations unwind complexities. Consider a sheet of paper and a steel ball dropped from fifteen thousand meters. Despite the universal law of gravitation, the following are empirical facts: a.

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