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By Robert Lumley

A provocative contribution to the present debate on museums, this selection of essays comprises contributions from France, Britain, Australia, the united states and Canada.

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21 Finally, in 1987 the museum became a ‘World Heritage Site’ complete with plaque, which left the trustees with only intergalactic trophies to play for. The process of legitimization has other networks, the greatest asset being the media-drenched monarchy. Any museum that can persuade part of the royal household to deign to visit, or bestow some award with due pomp, can simultaneously amplify its public image through a massive television, radio, and newspaper overkill, especially locally. When Prince Philip presented the museum with the Special Civic Trust Medallion he did so as a national-historical figure, located within a network of popular expectations about ceremony and pageantry.

1985) Lost Magic Kingdoms, London, pp. 7–8. PART 1 The landscape of nostalgia 24 1 Heritage and ‘the conserver society’: the French case PHILIPPE HOYAU Translated by Chris Turner Out of politeness the nobleman inspected their museum. He repeated: ‘Charming. ’ all the while tapping his lips with the knob of his cane. For his own part, he thanked them for saving these remains of the Middle Ages, age of religious faith and knightly loyalty. He liked progress, and would, like them, have given himself up to these interesting studies, but politics, the local council, farming, a whole whirlwind of activity kept him from it.

17 The second consequence of wanting to define the visitor experience had more reflexive effects. We might call this effect image control, or that desire amongst those who seek to organize our pleasure, to fashion the spectacle in a uniform sort of way. 18 What emerged were tasteful signs with white lettering on blue-black backgrounds, and the proliferation of a stylized Ironbridge logo that appeared on the backs of postcards, the fronts of books, and even on the road and motorway signs in the area.

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