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Particularly fruitful for our purposes has been the work carried out on prosodic Introduction 35 phonology, especially syllable theory. Also, more recently there has been a great deal of insightful cross-linguistic investigation of epenthetic phenomena, which of course include vowel prosthesis. This has been either phonetic-based, as when exploring perceptual aspects governing the occurrence of epenthesis, or phonologically based. For the latter, the extensive work on interphonological phenomena has yielded results which shed useful light on formal properties of prosthetic and, more broadly, epenthetic vowels.

The triggering factor for the innovation of the prosthetic vowel seems to have been primarily phonological, relating to syllabic structure. Chronologically, this category of prosthesis has a long attested history. Epigraphical evidence suggests that it goes back at least to the second Categories of prosthesis in Romance 37 century AD. Even so, it is not until the early seventh century that the presence of I-prosthesis is directly alluded to by contemporary observers of linguistic usage. Geographically, I-prosthesis evidently came to be used widely across the Empire.

21. It may be noted that virtually all the supporting data for Vennemann’s work are drawn from Indo-European, and more precisely Italian and German and their dialects (cf. p. 13 and n. 28). g. Hawaiian). Phoneticians have also called attention to Introduction 23 phonological change will often tend to promote developments which generalize CV structure. Just such a tendency is noticeable in many Romance-speaking areas, especially during the course of the first millennium AD when various phonological changes conspire to simplify syllable margins (cf.

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