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The authors have created a suite of a hundred puzzles and 3 IQ assessments that are supposed to provide hours of tough enjoyable.

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A detect magic spell will show that the grist is enchanted. Once a grist is animated, it fights fearlessly until destroyed. It prefers to fight from the air, as it can maneuver better. When attacking, a grist prefers to direct all of its blows against a single target in an attempt to dispatch that target and then move on to the next. It attacks with its claws, bite, and a tail swat. The tail of a grist is usually spiked like a maul. In addition, some grists have four arms instead of two, giving them six attacks per round.

The bird prefers to pursue creatures affected by its cry so it can attack them from behind. The jaleeda apparently has no combat strategy, for the bird wildly plunges at its target or targets. It can attack with the claws on its wings and its bite, or with its taloned feet and its bite. If the bird successfully attacks a victim with both of its feet, it has in effect snatched the victim and can carry him aloft. The bird has been known to drag a victim across the tops of trees or along the sides of mountains to kill him before tossing him to the ground where it devours him.

The creature is mean and ravenous, and possesses a cruelty unmatched by any other animal in the vale. Its behavior is believed to stem from its unnatural condition. Krimeah created a dozen of these birds, none of which he could control. He released them into the valley, where tales of their appearance has been added to the reported monster sightings that keep common folk from trespassing into his land. Jaleedas are covered with a mix of thick, black hair and brown and white feathers, which give them their Armor Class.

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