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By Martin Bobgan

The Bobgans reveal that TheoPhostic counseling is the results of many existent mental treatments, together with psychoanalytic, Eye flow Desinsitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and cognitive-behavioral cures. additionally they express that it contains harmful components from the interior therapeutic flow, corresponding to guided imagery, visualization, and hypnosis. They current their matters approximately this kind of counseling and concluded that it originated from the perverted knowledge of fellows instead of from the brain of God.

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Of course, Smith’s rendition and interpretation of 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 and Ephesians 6:10-18 fit perfectly with his tale of how God divinely and directly revealed TheoPhostic counseling to him, so rapidly that he says, “I could not write down the new information fast enough to keep up with what God was saying to me” (pp. 164, 165). ) Consider the many so-called latter-day prophets who have claimed direct revelation from God that came so rapidly that it was hard to keep pace with it. No Biblical Evidence Smith says: When I first saw God apparently heal people in these ways and means I ran to the Scriptures to verify these methods.

They are like Simon the sorcerer in Acts 8. There is a difference between personal ministry and a ministry of providing material goods. We are not critical of those who charge for tapes, videos, manuals and books, unless the charge is exorbitant. Compare the listed prices of these items from Smith with similar items available elsewhere. Tape for tape, video for video, and workshop 48 TheoPhostic Counseling for workshop, are the charges for learning TheoPhostic counseling appropriate? After comparing, you decide.

Smith admits at the Mind and Memory 61 beginning of the TheoPhostic manual that “much of the illustrative material of this manual is about people suffering from the wounds of sexual abuse” (p. 6). He mentions that at one time he led an “Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse Support Group” (p. 30). This preceded what he calls his “revelation from God” of TheoPhostics. Sexual abuse is not only a primary subject dealt with in TheoPhostics, but many of the practices are illustrated with such cases. In the case of Paula, after drifting backwards, focusing, and looking for the “memory pictures,” she says, “I was raped as a young girl” (p.

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