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In the final part, I have selected a representative sample of Raymond’s writing. I have tried to make sure that all aspects of his work are represented: logic puzzles, philosophy, paradoxes and other musings, and chess problems. Even with nearly two hundred pages of this book with which to work, I am painfully aware of all the strong material I had to omit. If any diehard Smullyan fans find their favorite piece has been left out, I can only beg forgiveness and ask that readers take pity on me for the difficult choices I was forced to make.

Note that the white pawns have captured all six missing black pieces, while the black pawns have captured five of white’s six missing pieces. In the diagram position it is white’s move, so black played last, and we now ask what this move could have been. If it was with the king or the rook, then black cannot now castle. If it was the pawn capture fxg6, then the black king must have moved earlier in the game to allow the rook from h8 to escape from the back row and be captured by a white pawn. In this case as well, black can no longer castle.

The first two of them have been published by Katoptro Publications, while the third came out from Travlos Publications. I wrote detailed introductions to all three of them, which are accompanied by Raymond’s shorter, but nicer, introductions specifically addressed to Greek readers. 4 Figure 3: Greek editions of three of Raymond’s books. In closing, I would like to thank Raymond once more for the many hours of indescribable intellectual satisfaction he has offered, and still offers, me, through the reading of his works.

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