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La pasion musical (Paidos de Musica)

Los angeles m? sica desconcierta al an? lisis. Ese arte de l. a. presencia, que no muestra ning? n objeto, que no es m? s que una acumulaci? n de mediadores --instrumentos, partituras, int? rpretes, escenarios, medios de comunicaci? n. .. --, parece ser, sin embargo, los angeles encarnaci? n de l. a. inmediatez, los angeles expresi?

One Handed: A Guide to Piano Music for One Hand (Music Reference Collection)

This advisor to the piano literature for the one-handed pianist surveys over 2,100 person piano items which come with not just live performance literature yet pedagogical items to boot. Following the creation are 4 chapters cataloguing unique works for the proper hand on my own, unique works for the left hand by myself, song prepared or transcribed for one hand on my own, and concerted works for one hand in live performance with different pianists, tools, or voices.

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