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By Jamgon Kongtrul, Ngawang Zangpo, Ngawang Zangpo

This booklet is a compendium of such spontaneous verse such via Indian and Tibetan entire masters of tantric Buddhism, from the 10th century to the current day.

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The Buddha-like spiritual master Provides what you need and desire in this life And leads you on the path for the next— Always remember him. Until you reach stability, Hectic distractions run wild; Like a wounded deer,8 Meditate alone. Sentient beings in this age of conflict Harbor intense pride and jealousy; Like a lamp in a vase, Hide your qualities in your mind. Having sung this, he flew up, circling in the sky, and instantly traveled to the Vajra Seat [at Bodhgaya, India], where he led a vajra feast.

Noble Tsultrim Gön, Ritrö-pa, And Shangkar Rinchen Gyaltsen, to you I pray. Noble Kuklung-pa, Namgyal-wa, And Gyagom Lekpa Gyaltsen, to you I pray. Noble Tangtong Gyalpo, who accomplished immortality And was accepted by the dakini, to you I pray. Glorious Kunga Drolchok, Whose conduct of tantric discipline guided beings, to you I pray. Noble Draktong-pa, Who actualized the true experience of ultimate enlightenment, to you I pray. Noble Taranata, Héruka, Illustrious Lord of Secrets, to you I pray.

The laughter of these songs of realization reverberates throughout space to nourish adepts’ faith and devotion; to strike with the ridingcrop of encouragement to turn away from attachment and to foster renunciation; to augment meditative experience; to instill firm confidence in realization’s wisdom; to please the spiritual heroes and dakinis; to lead others to freedom along the narrow passage through obstacles and impediments; and to satisfy infinite numbers of human and nonhuman beings with the unsurpassable gift of the Teachings.

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