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A car door cannot be turned into a carest door or even a most car door. To that extent adjectives formed from functional shift are of a different nature from the more traditional adjectives. Y· Nouns are turned into adjectives through the addition of :,Y, so that dough becomes doughy. Y ending is not a defining feature of adjectives. Some endings, such as -ful and -some, are restricted to adjectives. Within a sentence the function of an adjective is to limit the meaning of a noun and so in its position it comes before a noun.

They come before the head of a noun group, and when there are modifiers as well in a noun group the determiner will also come before them. In other words the order of a noun group is determiner-modifier(s)-head. There will only be one determiner, which means that determiners are mutually exclusive. If you have one determiner, you cannot have others with it. It is possible to have the happy man and this happy man, but not the this happy man. It is apparent that there are differences between the and this other than the ability of this to stand by itself as a pronoun.

Demonstrative pronouns correspond to demonstrative adjectives, except that, whereas in their adjective forms they precede a noun, as pronouns they stand by themselves. There are four forms: this and that (singular) and these and those (plural). This and these refer to something near, as compared with that and those, which refer to something more distant. In 22 TRADITIONAL ENGLISH GRAMMAR AND BEYOND Who made that remark? the that is an adjective because It IS dependent upon the noun remark; but in Who said that?

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