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9 Force-structure changes. In light of the relatively small size of the total force along with its heavy commitments, the Army is facing large force-structure and operational challenges as it transforms. The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have placed great demands on Army manpower. To respond to the needs of the operating environment, a larger force over the near term—with relatively more infantry and less “heavy” force structure—may become a practical necessity at some point. The Army could potentially see continued AC management of post-hostilities activities and nation building.

Training Development Under TASS Could Gain from Understanding and Emulating Software-Development and Software-Publishing Organizations By 2015, a large proportion of TRADOC’s training will probably be delivered through IMI or other software. It follows that TRADOC’s training-development and -delivery community could gain insights about developing, delivering, supporting, and managing quality software-based training products from software-development and software-publishing organizations. To succeed, those organizations must stay aware of customer demands, must react quickly to changes in those demands, and must produce high-quality products with speed and efficiency.

Improving the abilities of soldiers and leaders implies the need for TASS to deliver more training. This will be difficult, however, given the limit on students’ time for institutional training and resource constraints within TASS. Further, force-structure changes might require TASS to have an improved surge capacity to deliver training. For example, if forcestructure changes lead to large-scale unit reorganizations or MOS/branch strength changes, TASS will be called upon to deliver the additional reclassification courses needed to implement the changes in both the AC and the RC.

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