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By Larry G. Ballantine, Janis E. McFarland, Dennis S. Hackett

content material: merits of triazine herbicides / Leonard P. Gianessi --
The function of triazines in coping with weeds immune to different herbicides / H.M. LeBaron --
A simulation research of the use and merits of triazine herbicides / David C. Bridges --
bills affects if atrazine or triazines weren't on hand to growers / Gerald A. Carlson --
The position of top administration practices in decreasing triazine runoff / R.S. Fawcett --
The metabolism of atrazine and similar 2-chloro-4,6-bis(alkylamino)-s-triazines in vegetation / Gerald L. Lamoureux, Bruce Simoneaux, and John Larson --
Atrazine hydrolysis by way of a bacterial enzyme / Lawrence P. Wackett, Michael J. Sadowsky, Mervyn de Souza, and Raphi T. Mandelbaum --
Genetics of atrazine degradation in Pseudomonas sp. pressure ADP / M.J. Sadowsky, L.P. Wackett, M.L. de Souza, K.L. Boundy-Mills, and R.T. Mandelbaum --
Metabolism of chosen (s)-triazines in animals / Jinn Wu, Robert A. Robinson, and Bruce Simoneaux --
importance and nature of (s)-triazine residues in foodstuffs as estimated from radiolabeled experiences on chosen animals and crops / Bruce J. Simoneaux, Dennis S. Hackett, Leslie D. Bray, and Fred Thalaker --
Pesticide residues in processed meals : now not a meals defense quandary / E.R. Elkins, R.S. Lyon, and R. Jarman --
Use of a multiresidue procedure for the choice of triazine herbicides and their metabolites in agricultural items / John R. Pardue and Rodney Bong --
An immunochemical method of estimating employee publicity to atrazine / James F. Brady, JoLyn Turner, Max W. Cheung, John D. Vargo, Jennifer G. Kelly, Denise W. King, and Andrea C. Alemanni --
The review of employee publicity to atrazine and simazine : a tiered method / Curt Lunchick and Frank Selman --
Atmospheric shipping and deposition, an extra enter pathway for atrazine to floor waters / Dorothea F. Rawn, Thor H.J. Halldorson, and Derek C.G. Muir --
built-in chemical and organic remediation of atrazine-contaminated aqueous wastes / S.M. Arnold, W.J. Hickey, R.F. Harris, and R.E. Talaat --
resource and delivery of desethylatrazine and desisopropylatrazine to groundwater of the midwestern usa / E.M. Thurman, D.W. Kolpin, D.A. Goolsby, and M.T. Meyer --
Temporal and spatial tendencies of atrazine, desethylatrazine, and desisopropylatrazine within the nice Lakes / S.P. Schottler, S.J. Eisenreich, N.A. Hines, and G. Warren --
precis of Ciba crop safeguard groundwater tracking examine for atrazine and its degradation items within the usa / okay. Balu, P.W. Holden, L.C. Johnson, and M.W. Cheung --
Pesticide stream to groundwater : software of areal vulnerability checks and good tracking to mitigation measures / J. Troiano, C. Nordmark, T. Barry, B. Johnson, and F. Spurlock --
publicity to the herbicides atrazine and simazine in consuming water / D.P. Tierney, J.R. Clarkson, B.R. Christensen, K.A. Golden, and N.A. Hines --
impression of Midwest farming practices on floor and groundwater both / J.L. Hatfield and D.B. Jaynes --
The position of groundwater surveys in regulating atrazine in Wisconsin / Gary S. LeMasters --
Herbicides in ingesting water : a problem for threat communique / David B. Baker --
envisioned ecological results of atrazine use on floor waters / Steven D. Mercurio --
Triazines in waters of the Midwest : publicity styles / R. Peter Richards and David B. Baker --
The aquatic ecotoxicology of triazine herbicides / Jeffrey M. Giddings and Lenwood W. corridor, Jr. --
Triazine herbicides : ecological hazard review in floor waters / Keith R. Solomon and Mark J. Chappel --
Toxicity features of the 2-chlorotriazines atrazine and simazine / J.W. Hauswirth and L.T. Wetzel --
result of a two-year oncogenicity research in Fischer 344 rats with atrazine / Ajit ok. Thakur, Lawrence T. Wetzel, Richard W. Voelker, and Amy E. Wakefield --
function of strain-specific reproductive styles within the visual appeal of mammary tumors in atrazine-treated rats / James W. Simpkins, J. Charles Eldridge, and Lawrence T. Wetzel --
visual appeal of mammary tumors in atrazine-treated woman rats : possible mode of motion concerning strain-related keep watch over of ovulation and estrous biking / J. Charles Eldridge, Robert F. McConnell, Lawrence T. Wetzel, and Merrill O. Tisdel --
Failure of chloro-s-triazine-derived compounds to urge estrogenic responses in vivo and in vitro / okay. Connor, J. Howell, S. secure, I. Chen, H. Liu, ok. Berhane, C. Sciarretta, and T. Zacharewski --
A pharmacodynamic version of atrazine results on estrous cycle features within the Sprague-Dawley rat / Melvin E. Andersen, Harvey J. Clewell, III, and Hugh A. Barton --
Probabilistic chance overview for atrazine and simazine / Robert L. Sielken, Jr., Robert S. Bretzlaff, and Ciriaco Valdez-Flores.

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Gressel, 1994. Weed Technology 8:6352648. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1998. ch003 A S i m u l a t i o n Analysis of the Use a n d Benefits of T r i a z i n e Herbicides David C. -grown corn and sorghum was conducted to determine the potential cost and yield changes that might result if triazine herbicides were not available. Using regional data on weed infestation/incidences, potential yield loss, and yield potential, net return changes were ascertained using comparativefieldweed efficacy data.

Weed Sci. 1994, 42, pp. 172-179. 10. ; Lewis Publishers: Boca Raton, FL, 1994, pp. 141-169 11. N. D. ):5-16, 1994. 12. ; Butterworth-Heinemann: Oxford, England, 1990. 13. C. ; Lewis Publishers: Boca Raton, FL, 1994, pp. 289-316. 14. I. D. ):37-49, 1994. 15. , International Symposium on Weed and Crop Resistance to Herbicides. 29. 16. L. Weed Tech. 1995, 9, pp. 850-856. 17. , Personal communication, 1996. 18. ; Lewis Publishers: Boca Raton, FL, 1994. 19. Wrubel, R. and J. Gressel, 1994. Weed Technology 8:6352648.

S. (probably the world) has been to find an 'atrazine replacement'. S. corn herbicide business. Every conceivable candidate chemistry has been evaluated in comparison to the triazines, especially atrazine, and the elusive replacement has not been found. The fact that atrazine has remained the most relied-upon herbicide for weed control in corn since its introduction during the 1950s is the strongest possible testimonial to its effectiveness and reliability. The efficacy, reliability, cost effectiveness, and safety of the triazine herbicides can easily be demonstrated.

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