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By Dennis Schmidt

THE CURSE - Blackhearted Surt lay demise at the battlefield, screaming to the darkish gods for vengeance opposed to Borr Skullcracker, the Aesir warlord who had left him in the back of for raven foodstuff. - And so the curse begun ... - On that day, immortal Voden was once conceived, born of Skullcracker and his captured bride, the warrior of future, healer and destroyer within the war of words with the evil darkish!

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Best to go out and meet it, ax in one's hand, song on one's lips. Nevertheless, his mouth was dry and he found it hard to swallow as the scout rode up on his lathered horse. " Buri nodded and turned to the messenger standing ready next to him. "Ride," he commanded. "Tell Bon; and Gagnrad. " As the man vaulted onto his horse and sped off eastward, Buri looked to the north. There, side lit by the morning sun, a column of dust was just becoming visible. The Horde was coming, and there were many of them.

The man who can use this weapon has yet to appear. ” the young man asked breathlessly. “Aye,” Volund answered with a quiet smile,’ ‘He is coming. ” A far off look cane into his eyes. Then his manner changed abruptly and he was all business again. “Now, you two,” he ordered, fixing Voden and Tror with a commanding stare, “go off and find me old Groa. ” The two grumbled at leaving the warmth of the forge, but moved to do Volund’s bidding. “And mind,” he called as they reached the door, “don’t come back once you find her!

He didn't like the result. The Jotun had forced the ford! The horses were lathered and badly winded by the time they crested a small rise and saw the battle spread out before them. to stop them before they had gained much HIM than a mile or so of territory to the south of the river. The leader of the Aesir, however, was in dire straits, surrounded by the howling horde of horsemen. His own horses had all been killed, and he and his surviving men fought the mounted enemy on foot from the top of a low hill.

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