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Make it a clear and concise statement and read it twice. • Go to map and point out the exact location of the OBJ and point out the unit’s present location. 3. EXECUTION. State the commander’s intent. a. Concept of Operation. The concept statement should be concise and clear. It describes how the unit will accomplish its mission from start to finish. The number of subparagraphs, if any, is based on what the leader considers appropriate for the level of leadership and complexity of the operation.

1) Higher mission. (2) Adjacent patrols task/purpose. (3) Adjacent patrol objective/route (if known). 2. MISSION (Who, what [task], when, where, why [purpose]—from higher HQ's maneuver paragraph). 3. EXECUTION a. Concept of Operation. (Explain how unit will accomplish mission in general terms. ) (1) Maneuver. (Assign task/purpose and discuss actions on the objective in detail. ) (2) Fires. ) PLOT-CR: (a) Purpose. (b) Location. (c) Observer. (d) Trigger. (e) Communication method. (f) Resource. (3) CASEVAC.

7) Friendly positions such as security elements, support by fire, and assault elements are made using M-16 rounds, toy Rangers, poker chips, small MRE packets of sugar and coffee, or pre-printed acetate cards. (8) Small pieces of cardboard or paper can identify target reference points and indirect fire targets. Ensure grids are shown for each point. (9) Breach, support by fire, and assault positions are made using colored yarn or string so that these positions can be easily identified. (10) Bunkers and buildings are constructed using MRE boxes or tongue depressors/sticks.

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