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By Gregory L. Reece

Ufology will be thought of a faith or philosophy that's ripe for self reliant research. the following Gregory Reece presents a readable and unique examine alien ship ideals all through background, from famous tales like Kenneth Arnold's shut come across in 1947 and the cult of zone fifty one, to the eccentric Yamassee Indian Tribe of Georgia. Reece's examine strategy is primarily based on popular culture assets, and he does get a hold of a few fascinating breakthroughs, particularly his insurance of the highly flimsy foundations of the giant Roswell mythology and a few airborne dirt and dust at the weird and wonderful higher degrees of Scientology. yet all that Reece has fairly complete is a compendium of eccentrics and kooky ideals, through a slightly directionless parade of summaries of current books (a couple of which also have "UFO faith" of their titles). this can be extra of a publication file than a scientific learn venture.

Granted, Reece's operating subject matter is lovely strong, in that unidentified flying object sightings all through historical past, and the moving group of cults and lovers, can be a manifestation of mankind's inherent worry of the unknown and experience of powerlessness within the significant universe. yet that subject matter is usually brought through sarcastic (though frequently humorous) comments by means of Reece on the finish of every sub-chapter precis. the real result of his exploration into psychology, faith, and philosophy are just given respiring room in a slightly underwhelming six-page end. This e-book services as an extended record of particular examples sprinkled with snippets of a topic, yet a extra profitable learn could were built within the contrary style. [~doomsdayer520~]

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The wreckage, though handled by plenty of witnesses, was collected by the government for safe keeping. And there would have been no Christian burials for those ETs, no spot in the graveyard under an old and knotted cedar tree. No, those bodies would be spirited away, autopsied, kept under lock and key, preserved in formaldehyde, to be brought out every now and again for inspection. Much would be similar, between Aurora and Aztec, but those things would be completely changed. — Aztec — In 1950 Frank Scully, a well-known entertainment writer for Variety and the namesake of The X-Files character, published Behind the Flying Saucers.

Both he and the other pilot had seen the weird object. But Mantell had outclimbed them and was lost in the clouds. Seven minutes dragged by. The men in the tower sweated out the silence. Then, at 3:15, Mantell made a hasty contact. ‘It’s still above me, making my speed or better. I’m going up to twenty thousand feet. ’ It was his last report. Minutes later, his fighter disintegrated with terrific force. The falling wreckage was scattered for thousands of feet. (Keyhoe, 1950: 15–16) The response of the Air Force to this event and others investigated by its Project Saucer was less than satisfactory to Keyhoe.

The light gives no direct evidence of being attached to a solid body but presumably may be. (Hynek, 1972: 56) The second category of UFO experience is what Hynek calls the Daylight Disc experience. Again, after providing several examples of daylight sightings, Hynek provides a summary description: [T]he object (often objects in pairs) is variously described as oval, disc shaped, ‘a stunted dill pickle,’ and ellipsoid. It generally is shiny or glowing (but almost never described as having distinct point source lights), yellowish, white, or metallic.

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