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Collects anecdotes, quotations, historic debts, and different fabrics approximately crime, criminals, legislations enforcement, trials, prisons, crime fiction and flicks, and similar topics.

summary: Collects anecdotes, quotations, old bills, and different fabrics approximately crime, criminals, legislation enforcement, trials, prisons, crime fiction and flicks, and similar subject matters

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Alferd G. Packer, you no good sonofabitch, there wasn’t but seven Democrats in Hinsdale County, and you done et five of ’um,” he thundered. ” SAVED BY A TECHNICALITY His lawyer appealed the decision, citing a legal loophole. The crime was committed in 1873, in the territory of Colorado. The trial began in 1884, in the new state of Colorado. The state constitution, adopted in 1876, did not address such a heinous crime, so the charge was reduced to manslaughter and Packer was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Statute of limitations. The window of time during which someone can be charged with a crime. Bench warrant. If a defendant out on bail doesn’t show up for trial, the judge issues this to order that person’s immediate arrest. Cross-examination. Questioning by the other side’s attorney. Contempt of court. Being disrespectful in court or disobeying a judge’s order. It often comes with a punishment of a night in jail. Felony. A criminal offense carrying a sentence of more than one year in prison. Misdemeanor.

3. The street in front of the banks was being repaired the day of the heist. They could have postponed it, but went ahead anyway. Now they had to hitch their horses a block away, making a clean getaway that much more difficult. 4. Smart: They wore disguises. Dumb: The disguises were wispy stage mustaches and goatees. Locals saw right through them. The bank robberies were a disaster. The townsfolk saw the Dalton boys coming and armed themselves. The Daltons did get $20,000 from First National, but came up empty at the other bank when a teller said she couldn’t open the safe.

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