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This publication introduces equipment for fixing the technical and monetary difficulties posed through water reservoirs, with a purpose to verify they've got the absolute best financial and social impact. the importance of reservoirs and the advance in their functionality in water administration is classed, and they're categorised in accordance with foundation and putting. one of the tools for fixing the reservoir's functionality, either graphical and numerical methods are defined, in line with the chance concept and mathematical information. within the rationalization of the provision functionality of the reservoirs, cognizance is paid to the processing of hydrological info, the respective likelihood distribution is classified, the idea of stochastic approaches is defined, and strategies of modelling the series of suggest annual and per 30 days discharges are pointed out. The calls for of customers and the reliability of water offer are analysed. all kinds of reservoir discharge keep an eye on are offered, i.e. multi-year, annual, momentary and reimbursement. an answer is given for the release keep an eye on in reservoir platforms and in distinctive instances of water administration, in addition to in person reservoirs.

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The advantages of this solution were reflected in the optimum alternative solution and later in the solution with discharge hydrographs, introducing various reliability water supply. These solutions partly lost their importance with the introduction of the probability theory and modern computer methods. However, this solution has retained its significance up to the present for its general character 35 and clear approach. , by the fact that random flow series in which flow regime calculations use the same methods as real series are used with increasing frequency.

This practice was in use up to the 1960s. These simple problems of release control were overcome in practice by Soviet experts, first of all in hydroenergetics: Morozov (1948), Gubin (1949), Zolotarev (1950) - and not much later also for release control and water management: volumes of the edition AN USSR Problemy regulirouanija rechnogo stoka, Kritsky and Menkel (1950, 1952) and others. Hazen (1914) was the first person to use mathematical statistics for reservoirs calculations. In his work, he derived graphs for the calculation of over-year reservoirs in relation to the mean annual runoff, the variation coefficient and the dependable yield.

Just as in the previous studies, here too, the modelling of the series was based on the principle of the simple Markov chain. The results of these studies were graphs similar to those by Pleshkov and Gugli, however, for a greater number of values of the coefficient of skewness and coefficient of correlation of the release for the previous and following years. An analysis of the hydrological series, however, showed that their correlation functions have, in most cases, a harmonious character; hydrological series can therefore be realizations of sequences with a periodic component or also of a higher order Markov chain.

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