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By Martin Gardner

Gathers mathematical puzzles, difficulties, video games, and anecdotes approximately mathematical and clinical discoveries.

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T h e dragon's hoard has bren ransacked, and the choicest treasures have been placrd in area C23. All that remains are 5000cp, 7000sp, 45ep and 2gp. C20. Storage Chambet This chamber holds numerous items, damaged beyond repair. Scattered across the floor are broken furniture, torn and soiled bedding, broken candles, smashed platesandsoon. T h e south end of theroom is filledwith non-magical armsandarmour looted from the ha'atun's victims. Unless Yesorkh has been forced to leave Lachlan's body, she will be found here.

Yesorkh/Lachlan will attack the adventurers with a magicmissilespell (if shestill has nnr) and will then throw rocks. DEATH I N T H E SKIES (areas CI-C6) 25 . ~ . . ~ -~ - Likc dcstruction incarnarc, the siani towcrs above you. His features rontortintoaleerofpureevilas heraises another rock. His eyes bulge - l i t with a diabolical madness - and foaming saliva speckles his lips. If the verbeeg are killed, or if the party seems likely to reach her on the balcony, she will flee to area C20 on the cellar level via the stairs in either room CI2 or C13.

Its name is Silsellay and, if the adventurers help it, it will he most grateful and will point out a secret compartment under the bottom step of the stairs leading to the room. Inside the compartment are two bottles each c o w taining a potion of extra healing (red, tastes of cherries) and one containing a potion of heroism (orange, tastes of limes). T h e harp will also try to answer any questions the charactrrs ask. areful - since then, Silsellay has not seen any of the eant's family and the castle has been occupied by terrible creatures - this room is normally occupied by two horrible, ugly giants - a short while ago, the cloud giant hurried through the room into the hall, followed by the two ugly giants.

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