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By Joe R. Feagin, Pinar Batur, Hernan Vera

"White Racism" probes white racism in modern society. principal to the book's research is a cautious documentation of key occasions which display the method of racial victimization. The authors specialize in "notorious cases", together with the Rodney King beating in l. a. and its aftermath. The research of lesser identified anti-black actions - on a liberal university campus, in a heartland urban, and in chain eating places - demonstrate the typical personality of white racism. The authors' debts provide targeted awareness to the function of stereotyping and hearsay, black response to white racism, and the mass media's function in ritualized enactment of racialized occasions.

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Discriminatory practices are supported by ideological constructions taken on faith. 40 The cognitive notions and stereotypes of contemporary racism, which include myths of the dangerous black man, the lazy black person, the black woman’s fondness for welfare, and black inferiority and incompetence, make as little empirical sense as the hostile fictions that underlay the Nazi Holocaust. However, such antiblack fictions are sincerely held by many whites (see Chapter 7). The persistence of antiblack discrimination indicates how deeply myths of racial difference and inequality have become embedded in white thinking.

In Chapter 2 we examine a spate of cross-burnings in Dubuque, Iowa, in which the white officiants’ intentions were both to symbolize antiblack emotions and to alert other whites to what the officiants perceived as threats to whites’ jobs and lives. Racist rituals such as these are usually formalized and full of well-known symbols. The century-old crossburning ceremony is often undertaken under cover of darkness and in ghost-like dress. Although such acts may appear to be private or limited to one or two individuals, most are understandable only as social practices and thus may be defined as rituals.

Initially, some city money was to be used to subsidize the newcomers’ mortgages and rents, but this part of the plan was dropped after some whites protested. A modest version of the plan was submitted to the city council. One white council member, Donald Deich, voted against the plan because he reportedly saw it as benefiting only “a select minority,” not those truly in need. 10 Reaction to the modest city council plan came swiftly. Aggressive white responses included a dozen cross-burnings and bricks thrown through the windows of black homes.

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