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Practice Problem 6-2 (Rephrasing): If only one of the statements is true, then any assumption about which boy took the pie that results in more than one true statement must be invalid. Let's test the possibilities. If A took the pie, then statement number 1 is false; that makes statement number 2 true; and statement number 3 must be false. This arrangement is logically consistent. A might be guilty; let's check on the other boys. If B took the pie, then statement number 1 is true, statement number 2 is false, and statement number 3 is true.

Going from left to right, we have the Jack of Hearts, King of Diamonds, and the Queen must be a Spade. Let me go back and double-check this against the four facts I started with . . " You might have found a shorter way to do it, either by trial and error, or by just filling in your diagram and drawing certain conclusions to fence it down quickly. Either way, I think you'll agree that a graphic version of the problem is enormously helpful in solving it. I hope you'll also agree that training yourself to pull out your pen at the slightest indication of the need for logical thinking would be a useful habit to form.

The thing is worded in a kind of circular way-it doesn't hold still. It seems to turn back on itself, without offering a clear-cut place to start. )change a few of the key terms to make it more understandable (rephrasing). 'Brothers and sisters have I none' tells me that the speaker is an only child. If he is an only child, then the phrase 'my father's son' can only refer to the speaker himself (stepping). )substitute these simpler terms for the confusing statements given in the problem. I can express it in the following way: 'I am an only child.

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