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Описание интерфейса home windows 2000 local API. Описываются наборы функций Zw*, Nt* и Ki* которые практически недокументированы или вообще недокументированы в MSDN

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1996 Ch02 11/19/99 12:25 PM Page 63 Objects, Object Directories, and Symbolic Links: ObjectBasedInfromation ObjectInformationLength Specifies the size in bytes of ObjectInformation, which the caller should set according to the given ObjectInformationClass. Return Value Returns STATUS_SUCCESS or an error status, such as STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE, STATUS_INVALID_INFO_CLASS, or STATUS_INFO_LENGTH_MISMATCH. Related Win32 Functions SetHandleInformation. Remarks The Win32 function SetHandleInformation exposes the full functionality of ZwSetInformationObject.

ZwSetSystemEnvironmentValue NTSYSAPI NTSTATUS NTAPI ZwSetSystemEnvironmentValue( IN PUNICODE_STRING Name, IN PUNICODE_STRING Value ); Parameters Name The name of system environment value to be set. Value The value to be set. Return Value Returns STATUS_SUCCESS STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL. or an error status, such as STATUS_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD or 49 1996 CH01 11/19/99 12:24 PM Page 50 50 System Information and Control: ZwSetSystemEnvironmentValue Related Win32 Functions None. Remarks SeSystemEnvironmentPrivilege is required to set system environment values.

Typedef enum _SHUTDOWN_ACTION { ShutdownNoReboot, ShutdownReboot, ShutdownPowerOff } SHUTDOWN_ACTION; Return Value Returns STATUS_SUCCESS or an error status, such as STATUS_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD. Related Win32 Functions ExitWindows(Ex), InitiateSystemShutdown. Remarks SeShutdownPrivilege is required to shut down the system. User-mode applications and services are not informed of the shutdown (drivers of devices that have registered for shutdown notification by calling IoRegisterShutdownNotification are informed).

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