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The first one (or sometimes two) memory location(s) contain the instruction-code, or operation-code, often referred to as the op-code, that identifies this as a JMP instruction (or whatever), while the following zero or more bytes are the operand. NEARJMP In the case of the NEAR jump instruction, the operand contains a 16-bit offset, which is the place to jump to. But, and this is most important, the addressing structure of all the Intel x86 CPUs uses Basic Assembly Language 43 byte addressing, meaning that each address addresses a one-byte (8 bit) memory location.

It is still used by Windows, but that’s another story. Structure of the /VT So, just where is this IVT? Have a look back at page 11. The IVT sits in RAM right down at OOOO:OOOO, occupying the first 1024 bytes. It is set up by the BIOS startup routine and filled in by DOS also. Interrupt Descriptor Table (ILIT) The fundamental problem is that it contains real segment addresses, which is a no-no in Protected mode (though is ok in virtual-86 mode). Therefore a special table has to be created by the Windows operating system, called the Interrupt Descriptor Table (IDT), which contains the linear addresses of the services.

What’s wrong with segments? Why go to this trouble? The operating system has trouble bringing segments in and out of memory because they are all different sizes - if a new segment is to be brought in, space must be found for it, but space released by a segment that has vacated its spot may not be the right size. This is a real problem for the operating system, and it ends up with lots of little unused gaps everywhere. Inefficiency. By transparently parcelling the segment up into lots of little pages all the same size and storing them wherever there is a space, the mismatch of segment sizes is no longer a problem.

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